A Traditional Oak Construction

Aug 04 2014

If you love big lumps of Oak, you’ll love this!!

Having just been to Northern Romania, right up by the Ukrainian border, I visited the ‘Merry cemetery’ in he village of Sapanta. This is a graveyard with a difference where the carver of the wooden grave markers had a great sense of humour and wrote amusing ditties/stories about the folk they were commemorating. The cemetery is full of beautifully decorated ‘headstones’ (in Oak)

Anyway, this was all well and good, and I have to say, not really my thing, but then at the back of the cemetery I spotted this little building which was being used as a souvenir shop and relatively recently constructed:


Just to get a closer look, just to check on the size of the sections:


Then a step back to see the whole thing:


Well, I was well bowled over. Those are hefty sections of Oak!!

But wait, … look at this for a doorframe!!:


And here’s he view from the back of the building showing how the lengths are jointed:



But, saving the best till last…

It was all cut on this, a home made bandsaw with a 32mm blade!!!

DSCF0186 Cropped


Awesome stuff!!

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